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…is to help as many students as possible to gain valuable Internship working experiences in Hong Kong at  NO FEE


The Career Center Limited ( TCCL ) is a career coaching and internship placement organization, value-oriented, offers only the most elegant experience to connect individuals with employers in Hong Kong that will make all intern-producing academic institutions proud.


Hong Kong remains one of the world’s most reputable cities as a commercial hub and preferred destination for innovators, challengers and dream-builders.  The legacy of the city and its renowned excellence is a result of years of success in a wide array of business, entrepreneurial and commercial sectors that justifies the city’s claim as “Asia’s world city”.


The Career Center Limited ( TCCL ) place students in unpaid / paid  internship program depending on the employers.  Students work five – six days per week, 40 – 50 hours work week, living in a Flatshare apartment with expats / interns / students.  Building up your network. Students gain valuable global work experience and enjoying the cultural rich and modern Hong Kong.


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Whether you chose an eight-week, summer or semester internship, we offer VALUE that you will be amazed.  Students from all over the world choose to get their internship experiences here.


Because HONG KONG is a great city to learn.


Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is a multinational city which welcomes people of all backgrounds. There are many different brands, entertainment options and so many cuisines to taste! Shopping therapy is considered a must for all visitors, and you can find all the famous international and local labels. But, please, bring a swimsuit with you! Hong Kong’s location means beach weather is here for seven months a year. The state-of-the-art public transportation system guarantees that you can go anywhere on time and at a minimum cost.

Take the tram or the ferry, it saves you $. Worried about transportation after midnight if you plan to meet friends for drinks? You can still catch a Night Bus at 3 AM to return home. There is FREE WIFI in most restaurants here in Hong Kong. You can always find a restaurant open at 2 AM. Hong Kong is the best place to develop new skills while enjoying the time of your life! We will make sure you are busy with Networking Events so you can build a great resume when you are here.


Welcome to Hong Kong !



 The Career Center Limited ( TCCL ) offers a diverse amount of internship opportunities for Students in Hong Kong. An internship anchored under our program is the perfect way to avail yourself of vital career experience in your field that will boost your resume.  TCCL offers an exemplary internship program that will match you with career opportunities in your discipline that can be leveraged to build a solid network of professionals that present post-study opportunities.


We strive to ensure that our interns are exposed to positions that empowers them with leadership skills and spark entrepreneurial flames. Our solutions involve working with establishments that mentor students both during and after internships while exposing them to the multi-cultural approach to global standards of practice in their area of expertise.


Our comprehensive program is just for you and is guaranteed to make your Hong Kong experience the best.


Get your Global Experiences with TCCL


The Career Center Limited ( TCCL ) offers businesses the opportunity to expand their recruiting reach with little or no effort by partnering with some of the best universities globally who have sizeable number of students actively exploring professional internship opportunities.


Our solutions help your human resource team to diversify your hiring procedures and internship program by presenting international candidates from all over the world.


Academic Partners:

The Career Center Limited ( TCCL ) leverages our professional expertise and relationships with value-driven entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations to compliment your available resources for an internship experience that culminates into an all-round socially, academically and professionally benefiting experience for your students.


TCCL is well positioned in Hong Kong with employers across multiple industries to collaborate with academic institutions to achieve the unison goal of preparing future graduates with skills needed to survive in today’s labour, entrepreneurial and commercial market by expanding your access to internships in diverse locations. Our solutions provide a platform for your students to gain international exposure, join top-tier workforces and relate with a wider demography of students in their field and across disciplines.


Our services are to link the needy with their needs. We will help your students to match career internships of their choices, help employers to find outstanding skills they need in interns and aid academic institutions in solving their placement problems.


Internship application fee:  FREE


Your students will need to have that internship in order to graduate. We are here to help.  Ask them to send us their resume and their major, let us do the rest.  Here to help.  We were once a University Student, so we do understand what it takes to find that Internship.

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